Nanna was amazing, always sweet and kind.  I was a terribly rowdy child and when I would be getting into too much trouble Nanna would take me on her lap and sweetly say "now Jessica I don't need to be cross with you, I don't want to be a cross Nanna...." Then there'd be follow up with something like "you should get along or be kind to your brothers" or "listen to your mum and dad" but always as sweet as honey! Never EVER a hint or irritation in her voice. How did she do that?? Always before leaving back to Montana she'd tell me if I ever had any troubles and needed to talk to someone that there is a little Nanna in my pocket and I could just take her out any old time and tell her what was on my mind.  As an adopted and skeptical child, I worried I wouldn't be loved as much as the "born in" kids but those worries were put to rest right away as Nanna showed me so much love and I knew right away she was just as much MY Nanna as any…
Wow I still have a blog?? That's crazy!
Life in the Newman household is quiet -for now.
There's always laundry, dishes, and homework to do
 bellies to feed, callings to serve in, and faces to kiss.
It's a good life.
I'm so "nervocited" for our upcoming adventures.
When this school year comes to a close
We will begin our new adventure with homeschooling.
I'm not sure whether to call it homeschooling or roam schooling
 since it will enable us to travel as a whole family,
I'm excited for the opportunities my children will be able to have.
We're going to Europe for a month while Cole works.
We'll be staying mostly in Belgium
 but will be taking fun day/weekend/week long trips
to places like Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, the U.K., and Ireland.
It's so crazy to think this'll be the first time I've left the continental US and
hadn't even owned a passport -yet all of my children are getting to do it too!
The passports and ticket…
This is what its like to have an Ashtyn... I mean she's 6, has started Kindergarten, reading and doing math on a 2nd grade level, makes her own friends, her own songs, and her own games with -you've got it- her own rules. Her brother's were proficient in using utensils -EXPERTS EVEN! Food to mouth NO PROBLEM. Yet this girl eats with her hands and spreads food across the table and floor like a toddler SHE'S. A. MESS. A beautiful, excited, smart, loving, creative, bubbly, valiant, funny, energetic, adventurous, mess. ...and I wouldn't trade her for anything. 

Man I LOVE a good "before and after" don't you? Here's a few I've had over the last year...
Just this week BEFORE:  AFTER: :) Our yard is on a major slope BEFORE: During:  AFTER: we've got SO much more room to play! hopefully our grass will fill in soon! BEFORE: big brother's tee  AFTER: little sister's dress
 BEFORE: old shipping pallet AFTER: rustic entry way table And this one I'm SUPER proud of  BEFORE: messy cluttered horrible entryway closet  AFTER:
yep I built that -are you as surprised and impressed as I am??
Thank goodness for a very handy sis and bro-in-law who came to my rescue via FaceTime
Love those Williams's!!  some people have said the pic made it look smaller than it was so here's the  "real-life" application to give you an idea :)  I SO love that there's not shoes, jackets and backpacks all over the floor!

1 year and counting....

Its crazy to think we have officially been here for a year.. I mean honestly didn't I JUST make that cross country trip with 3 kids and a dog and a car full of snacks??
We've had a great year we've all grown and learned and loved so much!
My dear handsome husband has added a few toys to his collection ;) traveled around the world a few times became a high priest, received a calling in our Bishopric (we're getting old) turned 33 (maybe we're not old) and is currently growing a huge beard to prepare to hunt caribou and bears and have an amazing fishing trip in the Arctic circle #jealousFace ;)
He's the man of my dreams. He's amazing!
Law turned 8 this year  we traveled back to Utah for his baptism  he dominated and finished 2nd grade is quickly advancing in piano lessons started his journey with braces read about a bajillion chapter books this summer and is SUPER excited to get back to school (2 more days!!) He's so wonderful and smart! We're lucky to …