Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This is what its like to have an Ashtyn...
I mean she's 6, has started Kindergarten, reading and doing math on a 2nd grade level,
makes her own friends, her own songs, and her own games with -you've got it- her own rules.
Her brother's were proficient in using utensils -EXPERTS EVEN!
Food to mouth NO PROBLEM.
Yet this girl eats with her hands and spreads food across the table and floor like a toddler
A beautiful, excited, smart, loving, creative, bubbly, valiant, funny, energetic, adventurous, mess.
...and I wouldn't trade her for anything. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Man I LOVE a good "before and after" don't you?
Here's a few I've had over the last year...

Just this week
 AFTER: :)
Our yard is on a major slope
AFTER: we've got SO much more room to play!
hopefully our grass will fill in soon!
BEFORE: big brother's tee
 AFTER: little sister's dress

 BEFORE: old shipping pallet
AFTER: rustic entry way table
And this one I'm SUPER proud of 
BEFORE: messy cluttered horrible entryway closet
yep I built that -are you as surprised and impressed as I am??
Thank goodness for a very handy sis and bro-in-law who came to my rescue via FaceTime
Love those Williams's!!
 some people have said the pic made it look smaller than it was so here's the 
"real-life" application to give you an idea :)
 I SO love that there's not shoes, jackets and backpacks all over the floor!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1 year and counting....

Its crazy to think we have officially been here for a year..
I mean honestly didn't I JUST make that cross country trip with 3 kids and a dog and a car full of snacks??

We've had a great year we've all grown and learned and loved so much!

My dear handsome husband has added a few toys to his collection ;)
traveled around the world a few times
became a high priest, received a calling in our Bishopric (we're getting old)
turned 33 (maybe we're not old)
and is currently growing a huge beard to prepare to hunt caribou and bears and have an amazing fishing trip in the Arctic circle #jealousFace ;)

He's the man of my dreams. He's amazing!

Law turned 8 this year 
we traveled back to Utah for his baptism 
he dominated and finished 2nd grade
is quickly advancing in piano lessons
started his journey with braces
read about a bajillion chapter books this summer
and is SUPER excited to get back to school (2 more days!!)
He's so wonderful and smart! We're lucky to have him :)

Grey turned 6 this year
had the best kindergarten year EVER!
learned how to read -and LOVES it
started reading The Book of Mormon
is rocking piano lessons
lost 5 more teeth
made many great friends
built all sorts of machines and inventions
and has adopted MY tools as his own -hah! :)
got an adorable haircut that I think we can all finally agree on
He's SO funny and bright, we love having this guy around! :)

Ashtyn is still 4
she's got the makings of a great doctor -or veterinarian
she loves ALL animals, curlers, nail polish, flowers, rainbows, and baking
she's developed a green thumb
she planted seeds out of her piece of watermelon -they grew
she planted seeds out of her apple -they grew
she's started piano lessons and can play a couple songs
she learned to ride a bike without training wheels
and she got bangs
She's SO girly and fun -we just can't help but love her!

We've done so many fun things this year so far
sang in choirs:
fell in love with the St. Louis Blues
 advanced in scouting
ripped up our backyard
 Traveled A TON
spent time with family...

at the grotto
at the AirForce museum
at the Museum of Natural Curiosity
got free food at Chick-fil-A
Went to the dinosaur museum
went to the Payson temple

went up in the Arch

survived some storms
 went to six flags -a lot
 went to The Magic House
 spent time with great friends
 went to Grant's Farm with friends
went shooting -a lot
 went to Nauvoo
 had a few great fishing trips
 and some not great ones
 had lunch at the office
 went to Suson Farm
 tried to make money
 went to the water park -a lot
 went to Steak N Shake -too much
 went to St. Louis Cardinals game with friends :)
fixed up the backyard
built a playhouse
 went to the St. Louis Zoo
did home improvement projects,
enjoyed cheap summer movies at the local theater,
free bowling
and SO much more!
We've had a great time becoming adapted and are loving our new home :)