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Halloween -a little late

Ok here is my Halloween post:

Our Halloween wasn't very eventful. Law and I were both sick so I thought I would try to cheer us up by going into town and picking out a pumpkin to come home and carve. After driving 30 minutes and going to 4 or 5 different stores, we came home -pumpkinless! Apparently you cannot buy pumpkins ON Halloween you must do it BEFORE. So we grabbed a pumpkin shake on the way home to share -which turned out to be a bad idea since both of us were already suffering from stomachaches DUH! Anyway Cole came home and I decided that we should still try trick-or-treating with Law. It was the first year he'd be able to and I didnt want to miss it! So we got dressed up -except Cole who decided he didn't want to after all. I went as a snowboard chick (so basically myself in the winter) and Law was a doctor -a cute one! We went up and down only one street and just as Law was getting the point of things it started to rain so we went home. Here is a pic of Law in h…