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back from the dead....kinda

Here's a photo overload to show what we've been up to the last couple months **being awesome **being cute -I like her NewYork girl on the train look **baking AND being cute -we're multi-taskers around here  **Having a Timeout :)  **being funny  **sleeping fake sleeping??  **growing up and looking like Daddy -I took 3 of these shots, closed eyes in every one  **seeing Santa in Idaho

 **discovering our crafty-ness  **being snuggly  **being creative  **creating happy Holidays :)  **being Michael Phelps -sans pot (without marijuana lol) Grey totally stole this swim shirt from his cousin who left it here last summer -I really intend on returning it just so you know Breeze :) speaking of Michael Phelps: red ribbon week :) **being missionaries

 and saying goodbye to the ADORABLE Sis