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Baby Grey Goose

I love Grey like crazy! He's that little spot of brightness on a dark day, he is blessed with a gift that I'm trying so hard to acquire ...cheerfulness! No matter what is happening at the time he could fall down, or not get exactly what he wants -he's upset for exactly 1.5 seconds before he decides its not worth ruining his day so he chooses to be happy. I shouldn't call him a baby he's walking and working really hard at talking, he has a mind of his own and by-golly he IS GOING TO USE IT! He decides what he wants to do, what -and where- he wants to eat, when he wants to sleep, and much more! But, you know, some how I feel he will always be my little baby even after this next one comes. People always said I'd love my boys equally just for different reasons -and they were right! Grey has a way of just melting my heart, its crazy, it helps that his smile is contagious, but one of the big things is how much of Cole I see in him from those dark chocolate eyes to hi…

much needed

I'm so excited! This week we're having a much needed, well over-due family stay-cation! We will be taking small road trips, going fishing, visiting the zoo, having bbq's, going to the live aquarium, and who knows what other fun and crazy things! I'm so happy we get this opportunity to spend time -just us, our little family! This weekend will be great too! We're having Shane, Mindy, and Marshal over for our traditional waffles and conference :) then some of my family is coming over for Easter Sunday celebration! I love having things to look forward to -especially when I'm pregnant it makes it go by so much faster! Hope you all have a great week!

my boy

oh how I love Law! It seems your babies grow up so fast -too fast! Law has grown up in SO many ways this past year its hard to believe he was ever so small. He's tackled the challenge of being a big brother for a year now -and he acts like one too! Always looking out for Grey whether a child takes a toy from Grey, He's walking towards a flight of stairs, going to close to the street, eating something of the floor, or touching the garbage can Law is right there to solve any problems or right any wrongs. This growing up so fast often worries me, he should be worried about playing not following his brother around just incase something happens I don't want him to suffer from anxiety for crying out loud! But I know it is an outward expression of the love and care he has for his baby brother and he truly does have a good intent. Today as he was sitting on 'the pot' Cole and I were outside the door talking as I started to sound a little frustrated I hear from inside the bathroom…


we're back online! I'm so excited to get blogging again SO MUCH has gone on! Grey is now 1 year old and Law just turned 3, and if you've noticed any other changes to my blog -you can see there's a lot more going on in our little family!