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Class program

Each child in Law's class chose one animal and one insect to study over the past couple weeks They filled a field journal with pictures and facts they'd learned. Then had a class program today Ashtyn, Grey, Grandma & Grandpa Newman, and I got to go watch :) They came to school dressed as their subjects Law chose a grasshopper and peregrine falcon -of course :) They sang cute little songs then went to their designated "habitats" so all the parents could go around and ask what they were and 3 interesting facts about "them". I'm so bummed I forgot my camera but took a couple bad shots with my phone. Here they are waiting to start Law sang SO quietly compared to what I'm used to  -he was probably SO busy talking that he forgot to learn all the words. ;) I was actually tearing up over the whole thing I must be hormonal lol  It's just that he's getting so old and I love him to bits! Law was a "Grass-Falcon" and his 3 facts were: 1-H…
I stole this photo from this post on the Pioneer Woman's blog. I know it's bad to do that,  but this is probably THE MOST beautiful picture in the world to me! The love seems tangible

A child holding his Grandmother's head to his heart so pure innocent and honest -saying I love you, you're so nice to me, you make my days happier, you are my world.  Let's have more cookies!
But what I find REALLY priceless is the look on that Grandmother's face saying You are so warm and perfect, I'd hold you forever -if only I could That's a face of a different love -a wiser love.  She knows that child will grow and change,  that his innocent undaunted pure love may not remain the same. She sees trial and adversity as eventualities that will grace his life.  She knows that through small obstacles or hard fought battles,
learning and growing will transpire
presenting opportunity to shape him to the man he ought to be     She knows through good and bad, thick and thin, triu…
Cole shared this with me the other day and I absolutely LOVE IT! The best thing is that Cole exemplifies this father. I love him and feel SO blessed to have him :)
So things are official -not in the way I was hoping though Cole had been interviewing with Strum-Ruger out in New Hampshire But we got the news today -he didn't get the job :( Bummer. Oh well lots of other exciting opportunities await :) I was just so sure he'd get the job,  they all were so excited with his experience and knowledge. ??? Must've not been the right fit for us.