So things are official -not in the way I was hoping though
Cole had been interviewing with Strum-Ruger out in New Hampshire
But we got the news today -he didn't get the job :(
Oh well lots of other exciting opportunities await :)
I was just so sure he'd get the job, 
they all were so excited with his experience and knowledge.
Must've not been the right fit for us.


Jessica said…
That is a disappointment. I am surprised too, because I can't imagine there are too many other people with experience like Cole's.
Breeze Plumb said…
I am sorry that you guys didn't get to have that cool adventure, but I think God has a wonderful plan for you guys, Hang on for better days
Love you
MaRea Hess said…
I hate being disappointed, Sorry!
I'm sure you guys will find the perfect place. Where are you know?
The Eldredge's said…
I'm sad for you guys but happy that maybe just maybe you will still live close to me when we move! Love you sissy!

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