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I just wanted to throw these up here so everyone could see how cute my guys are, GOOD MORNING GUYS! Bath-time with Basketball! I've decided I miss Law's hair, but he's cute bald too!

Law's First Haircut!

Another tradition- well not tradition but it has been done! Is shaving the baby's wispy, patchy, hair off at one-year it helps it to grow in thicker and more even (it's going to become a tradition in our little family!) So here's a before and after shot for ya! Ok so this is the point I really wanted to back out because let's face it after you start there's no going back!!! Alright we're almost done! (notice the pacifier change? the first one fell out when he fussed and of course was covered in hair!) Here he is our BIG-EYED BALD BABY BOY! Ok all in all he did really well I was expecting him to scream his head off! but he only fussed a couple times, and was moving around trying to see the trimmer. What do you think? do you like him with or without hair?

Happy 1st Birthday!

Law had his first birthday it was a so great! A lot of family and some friends were able to make it all the way out here to celebrate with us! One of the traditions in our family is on the first birthday they get their very own cake, we got some great pictures of him eating it or should I say playing in it!
Cole got down to have a picture taken with Law, Law thought he wanted a taste of cake! And of course I get to clean-up!

he had a fun time opening presents too! Thanks everyone for coming!

Going to the South!! WOOHOO!!!

August 29-September 2 2007 We went down to Georgia to see some of our best-friends -who we consider family! Chris and Rachel are amazing people! We love them! Chris is in the army (currently deployed in Iraq) and Rachel basically works for the FBI down there she is pretty much the real-life version of C.S.I.! We went down to see them before Chris was going to Iraq it was shortly after he'd returned from Korea. We had an amazing time! Here are a few pictures of what we did! Got up real early to catch a flight! come on smile guys! We went fishing, caught shrimp, crabs, and Rachel accidentally caught a STING RAY! and one of the crabs accidentally caught Cole -and yes it hurt him even though he is smiling! Here is one of Chris! We also visited Tibi Beach, some restraunts, Old Fort Jackson, neat stores, and a hisorical museum of their city! Rachel and me in the museum of hats! -Being silly! Law sporting his Georgia apparel! GO DAWGS! Rachel and Law on the dock -isn't she lovely! Before we kne…

He's Still Growing!

Here are a few pictures of Law the past year! Little teeny Law! sleeping with daddy! "I'm getting bigger" All Dressed Up with Daddy! playing with Uncle Cory! eating solid foods SIX BIG TEETH!

a not-so-perfect pregnancy

We found out we were pregnant and were so excited! Things didn't go exactly well; during the first trimester I had started spotting, not knowing what else to do we visited the emergency room. The ER doctor was instantly on my bad list when all he said was, "Well either you'll miscarry this week, or you won't". I knew that was the reality of the situation but the way he said it made me want to punch him in the face (let's not forget how hormonal a pregnant woman can be!). I didn't wind up miscarrying but at 19 weeks (about half way through) my water bag had a rupture and a slow leak! I was put on bed rest and had to go in to my dr.'s office about twice a week to have my hormone and water levels checked, they also periodically checked to see if I was still leaking or if the rupture had sealed over. Months later I was finally taken off bed rest, only to have another incident occur! I was about 8 months along when I got sick with a very high fever that wo…

Lake Powell in '06

Our good friends -the Gurley's had invited us to go to Lake Powell with them in July and September in 2006 both times were awesome we had a blast -fishing -wakeboarding (Shane & Mindy)-and just hanging out boating! (Stan the man!) Thanks guys we should go again sometime!!! Our wonderful friends Shane & Mindy were married shortly after in November! Way to go Shane! You gotta good one!

Mule Canyon Utah

Late spring of '06 Cole's younger brother Con got his mission call -he was headed for Salta Argentina! So alot of the family got together for a back-packing trip to send him off! It was a great experience!
This is me and my mom-in-law LeAnn Newman

Here is Cole with our nephew Gram by some ruins- cool huh!?

Snow = PLAY!

Through the past couple of years Cole has taught me so many new things! One of which I had always wanted to do, he surprised me shorlty after getting married with my very own SNOWBOARD! He taught me how to ride and thats pretty much all we did the first couple months of marriage!! It was a blast!

A little about us!

Our story is a pretty short one, Cole and I went to the same church for about a year before really even talking to one another. One August day my friend (Tiffany) and I were getting people together to go up a near-by canyon to have a weenie roast! We decided that since Cole was so-o good-looking we'd invite him -even though it was rumored that he had a girlfriend. Well he accepted and along we went. As it turned out he and his girlfriend had just broken up and he wound up asking me to go horseback riding (my favorite!) so we did! (Thanks for the push to go Tiffany!) After the date I don't think either of us were really "into" each other -at least not romantically. So we just became good-friends; hanging out everyday, talking, sitting in church together, watching movies, eating -ya know all the good stuff! We became best-friends! By October we had both decided to move past the "just friends" idea. I told him I wanted to see just him exclusively because I lov…