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Our story is a pretty short one, Cole and I went to the same church for about a year before really even talking to one another. One August day my friend (Tiffany) and I were getting people together to go up a near-by canyon to have a weenie roast! We decided that since Cole was so-o good-looking we'd invite him -even though it was rumored that he had a girlfriend. Well he accepted and along we went. As it turned out he and his girlfriend had just broken up and he wound up asking me to go horseback riding (my favorite!) so we did! (Thanks for the push to go Tiffany!) After the date I don't think either of us were really "into" each other -at least not romantically. So we just became good-friends; hanging out everyday, talking, sitting in church together, watching movies, eating -ya know all the good stuff! We became best-friends! By October we had both decided to move past the "just friends" idea. I told him I wanted to see just him exclusively because I loved him (thanks Diana for that push!), he didn't say anything much then but a few days later found that he loved me too! He asked me to marry him October 30th and we were married only a couple months later on December 20th!


Rachael said…
Dude, how come I wasn't invited to your wedding? Now I am all sad. What I am not good enough to come? I see how it is.
Jessica Newman said…
You didn't want to be my friend until after I married Cole remember -I wasn't cool enough before! Oh and thanks for the comments you are officially the only person who looks at my blog!
Crazy you are my only internet friend too!
She is not the only one that looks at your blog. I just haven't had time to comment on it yet but I have been checking it everyday!!! I love the wedding pics by the way!!
I love your site J! It is way awesome! Great stories!
I love you tons!

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