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Law's photography & Grey's modeling

They crack me up with how much they love each other, this is a pic taken by Law while laying on the floor telling/showing Grey how to roll over. The amazing thing is that Grey DID IT and for the very first time! I accidentally put up the wrong pic! I'm not used to Cole's computer where you cant see the pics you choose Here's the real deal!

Fathers and Sons

Cole took Law camping for "fathers and sons" -well they didn't actually wind up camping. When they got their it turned out to be a cow pasture and the people in charge were a little less than organized  and none of the food they said they'd have was actually there -if any of you know Cole you know how he responded to that lol! So they just went up, snacked on what they'd brought, threw around the ball and came home. Law still had a blast here are a few pics of him leaving for 'en sons' -his term for the campout! Law couldn't decide which hat to wear for such a big event, after much debate he chose the the Longhorns -good choice!

My boys

Church time Bed time