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Man I LOVE a good "before and after" don't you? Here's a few I've had over the last year...
Just this week BEFORE:  AFTER: :) Our yard is on a major slope BEFORE: During:  AFTER: we've got SO much more room to play! hopefully our grass will fill in soon! BEFORE: big brother's tee  AFTER: little sister's dress
 BEFORE: old shipping pallet AFTER: rustic entry way table And this one I'm SUPER proud of  BEFORE: messy cluttered horrible entryway closet  AFTER:
yep I built that -are you as surprised and impressed as I am??
Thank goodness for a very handy sis and bro-in-law who came to my rescue via FaceTime
Love those Williams's!!  some people have said the pic made it look smaller than it was so here's the  "real-life" application to give you an idea :)  I SO love that there's not shoes, jackets and backpacks all over the floor!

1 year and counting....

Its crazy to think we have officially been here for a year.. I mean honestly didn't I JUST make that cross country trip with 3 kids and a dog and a car full of snacks??
We've had a great year we've all grown and learned and loved so much!
My dear handsome husband has added a few toys to his collection ;) traveled around the world a few times became a high priest, received a calling in our Bishopric (we're getting old) turned 33 (maybe we're not old) and is currently growing a huge beard to prepare to hunt caribou and bears and have an amazing fishing trip in the Arctic circle #jealousFace ;)
He's the man of my dreams. He's amazing!
Law turned 8 this year  we traveled back to Utah for his baptism  he dominated and finished 2nd grade is quickly advancing in piano lessons started his journey with braces read about a bajillion chapter books this summer and is SUPER excited to get back to school (2 more days!!) He's so wonderful and smart! We're lucky to …