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You know how sometimes you get all excited for an event, you get all the details planned out to the T, then the event comes and goes so quickly you wonder what all the hoopla was for?! -Yeah, story of my life! the fact is that sometimes you just have to take joy in the hoopla -and not the actual event :)

haircuts, hot chocolate, and home evening

The kids are always bummed when they don't get to see Dad so today I tried to make up for it.We had bowtie pasta with alfredo sauce (Law's fav 'butterflies with white sauce') then I cut their hair, everyone had showers :) for family home evening we made hot chocolate and popcorn and watched a movie together it was a great night. I sure love our little family!
Sunday photo-op not our best but hey we're all there ;)

Baby Blessing

We had Ashtyn's baby blessing at church on Sunday it was kinda a last minute-immediate family thing. We didn't have anyone over after we just went to church, had the blessing, finished up the meeting, and went home. So it was very small and short but it was wonderful! She is such an amazing little spirit I'm so happy she has come to our family she has been a great blessing to us all! I love that having her has made me fall in love with all my babies all over again they are all so absolutely beautiful! Ashtyn wore a lovely long white dress made by her Grandma Newman (LeAnn) it fit PERFECTLY! Her Aunt Natalie made a pretty headband with a white flower accented with a pink jewel in the center, we bought her a special blessing bracelet -picked out by her brothers and OF COURSE her Mommy painted her nails :) I love this little one so much! I especially love that each of our children have brought our family together in such remarkable ways -that only they could. I'll get some p…


Saturday the 11th we had a Newman family Christmas party after which Mom and Dad (Rod and LeAnn) gave all the grandkids gifts -being very much in the Christmas spirit we decided they could open them when we got home :) they were so excited to receive... JAMMIES! Sad I didn't get a better pic of Ashtyn her Layette is BEAUTIFUL!
nevermind the crown all the grandkids put on a pageant Grey was a shepherd and Law was a wise man. It was adorable! I put together costumes last minute with what we had here I'll have to find some pics and post them

Christmas for Daddy

I know Cole never reads my blog so I can post about this :) the boys have been working hard painting some ceramic Christmas ornaments for him I love these ornaments because they're bears playing with trains and they remind me of my boys! Law painting so carefully And Grey the finished products they were so cute about it and are WAY excited to give them to Cole Thanks Mom for your help with these:)

a slew of updates :)

BOYS AND THEIR HOODIE TOWELS: All my kids have hooded towels with their names on them, the boys LOVE IT! Its probably their favorite part about taking a shower! -thanks Grandma Jina! :)

miss you

At the time, I didn't know why I kept this picture -Law had been mowing the lawn with Cole and left as soon as I got the camera. Now I'm glad I have it, this is at our old house in our old neighborhood and look..... GRASS!! who knew I needed grass so much -I love being outside, I always have since we have a new house the yard hasn't been finished yet and I MISS HAVING GRASS SO MUCH!!! I.NEED.GRASS. and trees! I miss the trees! I've been trying to scrimp and save so that in the spring we can put the yard in, with Christmas, anniversary, and birthdays it's hard to want to save but I came across this picture and OH MAN it will be SO WORTH IT! I'm SUPER excited to get it done It'll be a lot of work more patience since -even with the saving- we'll be doing it ourselves -seriously have you seen landscaping rates?! RIDICULOUS! I'm hoping with all my heart that it'll work out!


Presents Ty Jacob Newman! Congrats Ty we're all super proud of you! (and Jessica because we all know he couldn't have done it without you!)You both are wonderful and we love you! Best of wishes to you all! -it would've been so cool to be there but their school is so awesome they had it live online :D


Next time, before causing me to be an addict by letting me watch Dr House any ol' time I want, pause it when I need to, and rewind it when I miss something; please tell me it's a free trial and that I will have to pay after so many episodes. I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR EPISODES I WOULD'VE NEVER STARTED BECAUSE I KNEW I WOULD BE AN ADDICT AND NOW I HAVE TO PAY?! darn you hulu and your masterful marketing techniques! -I just might have to pay you now