You know how sometimes you get all excited for an event, you get all the details planned out to the T, then the event comes and goes so quickly you wonder what all the hoopla was for?! -Yeah, story of my life! the fact is that sometimes you just have to take joy in the hoopla -and not the actual event :)


The Eldredge's said…
I was just looking at your blog header and it really needs to be changed! Do you have any new family pics with Ashtyn in them? Let me know! Love ya!!
Shalon said…
I completely agree. It's all about the journey instead of the destination. Loved this post! Miss you, friend.
Mom said…
Very profound, a good lesson to learn that early in life! (Especially since most of life is preparing for events so enjoying the living, not just the event makes for a happy life.)

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