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Little brother is getting so BIG Grey decided to teach his self to ride a 2-wheeler today! Here's the first few runs: *please ignore my annoying voice* Our sweaty, tired, little 3 year old! We love our Grey! I actually took his training wheels off last week and he had NO balancing coordination at all! So I took off the pedals and tried the "strider" method -yeah...he was having NONE of that!  So I figured oh well he's three he has years to learn :) Then today as we were walking in the house from riding bikes he said  "Mom, I can drive that without training wheels." Then he and Law grabbed some wrenches took off the wheels and away he went :) Grey is such a fast learner -he's actually pretty hard to teach compared to most kids but once HE decides he wants to and puts his mind to doing something he just gets up and does it instantly! Even potty training was like that and "night time" training he just says he's going to and... HE DOES!! Grey is so funny, lo…
We just dropped our baby off at Kindergarten!
He got pics with all the fam!

This is the only "pose" little sister would do :)  the parade to school :)
Kindergarten Law's teacher Mrs. Henrie held a little "meet your teacher" open house. Law got a private tour of his class the play ground and a little intro to all that they'd be doing there. Law is super excited and I'm SUPER nervous lol! I know he will do great! I'm SO grateful he got a wonderful teacher! Law -and his cheesy excited smile- with Mrs. Henrie

My blog is Law crazy I know!  My kids are so dang cute!  Here's Law dancing with his shadow  he can't help but move his body any time he hears music  - anytime ANYWHERE!  I'm sad it's so dark and you totally can't see his awesome moonwalk  but still SUPER cute none the less ;)
Law's kindergarten teacher came over and brought him a treat and a letter  SHE'S WONDERFUL!
The absolute epitome of everything you want a kindergarten teacher to be!  We're SO glad Law got into her class! After she left I was helping Law read the letter she left for him
I couldn't help but get choked up.... I guess it just hit me
he is growing up, going to school, I won't be there for every second of his day -like I am now
I am just so grateful to feel like he was going to be in good hands  -since, you know, I'm a bit of a hovering, overbearing mother :*)- I just worry about him being good, staying safe, making good choices, and yaddy-yaddy-yah! anyway Law asks what's wrong,
I tell him how fun kindergarten is and all the fun things he's going to learn and do!
(insert big-cheesy-excited smile on teary-eyed face.)  Then Law..... "Mom, I'm sorry you can't come to kindergarten." BIGHUG...little kiss...
and in a blink,
he hops off my lap a baby and w…
yesterday we got to have my sister's family over for dinner and some games it was a blast! cute chocolate faces! Both my older sisters live in Texas so it's sad we don't get to see them more.
what happens when a 3 and 5-year old teach themselves how to use my camera phone.......
I dont know what the obsession with lifting his foot is all about -but its still cute :)
Girl's camp 2012 I just got back from our week long young women's camp -whew!  We had a GREAT time! in short: we did some swimming and canoeing...  some long beautiful hikes...  enjoyed the mountain air and scenery...  did some serious zip-lining!....

 enjoyed our time together as sisters! -including some awesome hair-styling ;)  We had some really awesome moments with the girls  in different -more spiritual- activities and lessons. We had activities to teach the girls about -and help provide opportunities to develop- leadership qualities. We did a "commitment walk" where every girl had the opportunity to make a commitment to Christ that she would live by the standard/value being taught -it was very touching. There was a fantastic story shared about staying on a path of righteousness and not falling to the world's view of who we are/should be. This pic is of a balloon launch we had, where the girls each took a balloon resembling a struggle they were dealing with and decided to…