Law's kindergarten teacher came over and brought him a treat and a letter
The absolute epitome of everything you want a kindergarten teacher to be! 
We're SO glad Law got into her class!
After she left I was helping Law read the letter she left for him
I couldn't help but get choked up....
I guess it just hit me
he is growing up, going to school, I won't be there for every second of his day -like I am now
I am just so grateful to feel like he was going to be in good hands 
-since, you know, I'm a bit of a hovering, overbearing mother :*)-
I just worry about him being good, staying safe, making good choices, and yaddy-yaddy-yah!
anyway Law asks what's wrong,
I tell him how fun kindergarten is and all the fun things he's going to learn and do!
(insert big-cheesy-excited smile on teary-eyed face.) 
Then Law.....
"Mom, I'm sorry you can't come to kindergarten."
BIG HUG... little kiss...
and in a blink,
he hops off my lap a baby and walks into the world a boy.
 ....goodbye baby.


The Eldredge's said…
You'll seriously be so blown away at how much he will grow over the next couple years! It's a hard transition (mostly for Mom's) but it's worth it! And you'll be surprised at how well he'll do and the good choices he'll make! Plus it makes you appreciate and enjoy the moments he is at home since it isn't 24/7 anymore! You'll/He'll do great! Love you guys!
Breeze Plumb said…
sniff sniff I know it is so hard to let them go! But it seems to make it easier that they are so excited!

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