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Yesterday I completed my first TRX suspension training class It was.... INTENSE. My back and arms are SO sore. I officially LOVE.IT.
Random links in my bookmark bar: Artisan Bread in Five LOVE.THESE.KIDS MADE -creative, fun, and easy BEFORE: AFTER: One of my FAVORITE restaurant soups: Sicilian chicken anyone? Mama Mandola  -she should be sainted for her recipes- At least I give her my props

Why I need to move

Went to the gym this morning, ran into a girl from middle/high school, didn't remember her,  OH BUT SHE REMEMBERS ME! -in a bad way of course. I hate to admit it but,  before I moved in with my sister's family -as a very young teen where they continued to raise me and would forever change my life, I was a completely different person- NOT a good one either. I know I've changed  maybe it's good for me and other people to see that But I still hate the reminder of who that person was That is SOO FAR from who I am today. So  living right smack in the "the ol' stompin grounds" Is not really my favorite place to be.
Don't worry I'm not trying to be secretive or teasing or rude :) As soon as things are made a little more official I'll clue everyone in. Cole just doesn't want me to go around blabbing about how awesome he is until things are ...well.... official this sounds weird, I know. Just know I love you all. And I'll fill you in soon!

none-of-your-business trip ;)

Cole and I waited all day
and all night
for what?  to take us where? OUT OF THIS COUNTRY -or at least to the other side of it- Where Forests are lush and a'plenty And Lobsters are BIG and caught that day ;) This was so good I almost died There were beautiful sunsets and lots of big rivers
There are exciting new things a foot! ...we'll talk later...
WoW where have I been well lets see we celebrated Grey's 4th bday -I can't believe my baby boy is 4! I'm pretty sure I'm still 19-ish ?? We didn't really get good pics from the day but it was a great day! We ended up having our sweet sister missionaries join us and we all went out for Chinese food Then cam back home to have strawberry short-cake and ice cream cones Grey -you're still my baby, no matter how old you are. Thank you for recognizing that.  I love love love you! Then Grandpa, the kids, and I took a little road trip to Texas :) It was WONDERFUL!  24hr drive broken up over a few days and the kids were AWESOME!  We don't even have a dvd player or anything I thought it'd be miserable but it was so much fun! I was so glad to have my Dad there and spend so much time with him NO ONE on this whole green earth is better with kids than he is! He's so patient and amazing! They were so happy to have him!  I was so happy to have him :)
Late nights an…