Why I need to move

Went to the gym this morning,
ran into a girl from middle/high school,
didn't remember her, 
-in a bad way of course.
I hate to admit it but, 
before I moved in with my sister's family -as a very young teen
where they continued to raise me and would forever change my life,
I was a completely different person-
NOT a good one either.
I know I've changed 
maybe it's good for me and other people to see that
But I still hate the reminder of who that person was
That is SOO FAR from who I am today.
living right smack in the "the ol' stompin grounds"
Is not really my favorite place to be.


Jessica said…
None of us are who we were in high school. Thank Goodness! This life is all about becoming the very best we can be and I doubt many of us reach our full potential at 14.
Sometimes I enjoy running into those high school associates and realizing how much we all have changed. It's the ones that stay the same that you wonder about!
Sarah Ball said…
I know how you feel..as much as I love Cedar I couldn't live there for that very same reason! But thank goodness we all change and grow up! miss you girl!

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