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I was looking through some random old posts and found this pic.... That's a mouthful if I've ever seen one hahaha! We don't really kiss like that anymore :( sad! How about any of you other marrieds? Do you still make out? -other than on special occasions?

Mid-life crisis?

Ok so maybe more like a quarter life crisis?  I know I'm practically a baby with a great life that shouldn't be in any sort of crisis right?!  I don't get what my deal is lately, It's like I accidentally sat on the "remote" of life hit fast-forward / skipped several chapters and now the movie life I just sat down to watch is almost over and  I'm ONLY 24!!!  We're done having kids -yes that's official and no we won't be changing our minds. -Believe me it's not at all what I planned for.  Cole's done with school and in a career.  I'm THE ONLY stay-at-home mom in Gunnison and I can't even tell you how frustrating/discouraging/difficult/lonely that has been!! Especially after being in Eagle Mountain :( which is the first place IN MY LIFE that has felt like home.  I haven't felt so out of place since I moved to Nevada with my parents -and that only lasted a couple weeks!  I have NO CLUE what I'm doing here!  I like the people and eve…

Shari's Berries :D

My Valentine got me a gift that was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Shari's Berries!!! THE BEST STRAWBERRIES!! I kid you not -you open the box and is smells like someone dunked YOU in AMAZING chocolate Then you cut one of these babies open and before even tasting it your senses are OVERWHELMED with delicious juicy STRAWBERRIES! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ALL TRY THESE! -My favorite is the dark chocolate with even darker chips (of course!) aside from the amazing chocolate I guarantee these will be the best strawberries you've ever had SO fresh, juicy, ripe, and SWEET! Yet still firm :) and just the smell made me feel like it was a warm summer day and I was smack in the middle of a strawberry patch MMM! My honey is AWESOME!
Today was a great day we had some awesome friends come over for lunch and check out Cole's work.  Javier and Natalia are from Spain and occasionally get the chance to come for a visit :) add Greg -a good friend of the whole family- and you've got a party!!  :) I wish we could've visited longer but the couple hours we got was great! I love to hear stories of things going on in Spain and the day to day life that is lived there. It makes me feel so grateful to live where I do, we have so many rights and privileges here and  -though some things are not as I think they should be- I'm proud to be an American!  So we had a great little visit  I wish I could've got some pics but oh well!  I made some great soup with homemade bread bowls MMM! And Javi brought some AMAZING CHOCOLATE from Europe.  All-in-all a great little visit I can't wait to see them again!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY -day late and a dollar short

Grandpa Newman turned 83 yesterday! so happy happy birthday Grandpa we love ya! P.S. I'm totally convinced that -while Cole doesn't look much like a lot of his family he gets his smile from this guy  -BEST SMILE EVER!!!
P.S. yes I got this pic from Jessica -the original- Jessica's website -thanks Jessica!

Valentine's post #5

BREAKFAST FULL OF LOVE :) homemade heart pancakes! they were DELICIOUS! and the kids were really excited about it!

Valentine's post #4

a long night with Ashtyn not sleeping so well  and this... butDEFINITELY WORTH IT! It got a pretty nice reaction too :D (Yes I snuck out in the garage last night and heart attacked his car I did get a good pic but I chose the blurry one because well -you don't really need to see what I wrote lol)


Law and Grey were SO EXCITED to see their room this morning! As I went around reading the different things to them Law kept chiming in with- "And this one says I love YOU mom" "And this one says I love dad" "And this one says I love our whole family" "And this one says THANK YOU FOR THESE DECORATIONS MOM!" So I got my own mini heart-attack too :D

Valentine's post #3

ONE GREAT THING ABOUT HAVING REALLY YOUNG CHILDREN... YOU CAN GIVE THEM A HEART ATTACK -WHILE THEY SLEEP! :D All snuggly warm in their beds totally unsuspecting of what they'll wake up to in the morning! Seriously I'm really excited for their reaction when we did a little room decoration for Christmas it was ALL Law could talk about he had to show EVERYONE his room! This was a SUPER fun one especially because I enlisted Cole's help we wrote things we love about them and did some individual notes it was great! I'm so thankful for my boys they are keepers FOR SURE!

Valentine's post #2

Cookies! I made cookies the night of the 1st so we could decorate on the 2nd for our second valentine's celebration! -due to a lack of thinking on my part- I left them on the counter and woke up to find them mostly gone so to not OD my kids with sugar I decided to have them decorate tonight instead :)

Valentine's post #1

I thought it'd be fun to do something "valentine's-y" everyday! -Today's mission..... Valentine boxes!- MISSION COMPLETE! It was quite a success and the boys are super excited about delivering and receiving their little surprises!

Growing up Cowboy

We got this book for Law -Growing Up Cowboy- by Jack Sorenson it was just something cute we picked up it talks about honesty, work ethic, courage, etc etc -All the things a Cowboy needs to learn. Anyways it's full of cute pictures one of them is "a growing cowboy is polite".... well something must've stuck because I found this the other day I thought it was cute!