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baby gardener

So today I spent some much needed time on yard work :D -I LOVE yard work! We are getting our grass Friday and I am over the top excited about it! Anyways I had a little helper out there and well lets just say I wasn't aware of how well she could reach things from her bumbo seat The pic doesn't do it justice she was filthy! AND VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT!  "I LOVE DIRT!" "OK enough pictures mom!"


Our Grandma Newman -the kids' "Grandma Great" is AMAZING!! She makes the cutest jewelry!!! She just sent up some cute pieces for me and ASHTYN!! So of course I had to take a pic -you can pretty much count on a pic every time she wears some! Here's a starter!
The house is clean, the laundry is done, the children are napping -crazy how these QUIET moments are so rare. Hmmmm nice. Well now on to starting dinner and figuring out a treat for family home evening :)