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Snow Day!

The other day we went out and played in the snow, it was fun and OH SO COLD!

I love the way our trees frost over! Every single little twig gets flocked -so beautiful!

-and that's our little snowman
Then we went in to enjoy some creamy hot cocoa -yummy!


We bought Law building blocks for Christmas so what does he do?......
Head straight for the pantry to build with cans!

Next year we are TOTALLY buying him soup!


Does the changing of seasons mess with your kids' sleep schedules?
Law has had the WORST time sleeping lately he's all messed up! This morning he came into my room around 3:30 AM and says "HI!" all excitedly like it's time to get up! -but it is definitely NOT (I understand that it is still dark when we do get up so it could be confusing). This is just one of the examples of his messed up sleep schedules, he wont take naps I put him down and he just plays for hours (like he's to old for a nap- but I am DEFINITELY not ready to let go of nap time!) He also wakes up several times in the night and comes into my room and crawls onto the bed with me, sometimes I give in, only to remember what a bed hog he is kicking, punching and rolling all over me. I dont know if its because the snow outside makes it so light that he just cant sleep or what!!?? Do any of you have experience with this? I need some advice because -for those of you that dont know- I am a total BEAR wi…

first born tag

-doesn't he look like a doll?! 1. Were you married at the time? yeppers 2. What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant? I was super surprised we'd been trying but I was so convinced that I wasn't pregnant. 3. How old were you? 19 years old -WOW that's young! 4. How did you find out you were pregnant? blood test at the hospital 5. Who did you tell first? My husband -who was actually the one who convinced me to go get a test! 6. Did you want to find out the sex? Yes and No I hadn't really made up my mind yet but when I had to go to the ER they did an ultrasound and Cole yelled out "look its a boy!" I couldn't even tell but he was right! 7. What was your due date? Uh I think it was April something??? 8. Did you deliver early or late? he came about a month early 9. Did you have morning sickness? HAHA -Yeah something like that :P 10. What did you crave? mostly fresh veggies in ranch dip -and orange chicken! 11. Who irritated you the most? Oh man I …


Yesterday was my older sister Maria's b-day! (Aswell as my oldest sister Diana's anniversary) OK so she might kill me for putting this pic up but I love it!

She moved to Texas last year and I haven't been able to see her since! It totally sucks, and I miss her TONS!

Happy Birthday Maria I hope it turned out great!! (AND happy anniversary Diana!!) We miss y'all and love you too!!

-Look how small Kennadee is cute huh!?

Christmas Morning

Well Christmas morning came and I had 2 very excited boys in my family room (3 if you count the one that wont stop kicking me),

yes, Law is dancing with the beaters and no, I dont have a clue why!
Law opened up his first gift which was race cars -after that he didn't care about anything else he just wanted to play cars!

So after some coaxing we got him to open the rest

and of course he wanted to play with those too!

All-in-all our Christmas was pretty great we spent Christmas Eve with family Christmas morning by ourselves and then Christmas afternoon/night with family!
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!