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WELL.. We found a house and are pretty much moving right away SO today we are listening to Christmas music and packing instead of decorating. Good bye house we SO loved living in you  mmmuuuaaahhh!
Happy Thanksgiving We had a great day with our little family there was lots of cooking....
 My man and deep fried puurrrrfect turkey  its amazing! He's amazing! I love him! amen. seriously so perfect golden crispy on the outside and the juiciest -non-greasy- moist meat! The breast is more juicy than any dark meat  on any other turkey I've had. ever. Did I mention I love him?
....lots of eating This dark cocoa whipped pie makes her feel real good!  ....And all around family fun :) I absolutely adore my family  and am ever so grateful for every moment  I get to share with them
Thanksgiving time! This morning I poured over all my recipes  I got all the star players ready for T-day! -Now on to convince my future land-lord  why it'll be ok for me to have a dog in his home :) any pointers??
I'm told people who are "bored" don't have any imagination.  That's gotta be wrong.  I've got PLENTY of imagination  and yet tonight -I'm SOOO bored!  The dishes are done, the house is clean, the scriptures are read, the kids are in bed My brain cant take looking at the same houses over and OVER online. Maybe I should start watching TV? I dunno what's on there these days Any suggestions?
I dont really have anything to post but I'm on here anyway. The fact that we're moving has quickly spread around town and people seem sad about it. Law is growing more and more ok with the fact that we will eventually be leaving -who knows when? But I'm feeling totally patient about it -which is VERY unusual for me :)  I've grown up so much :D lol. Grey grabs my hand and pulls me to the door EVERYDAY saying "Come on Mom! Let's move!" Ashtyn has no clue what's happening and I'm sure she'll be fine with moving  -missing her Dad however is another story! Lola will either remain part of our family, Or get a new one, we can't seem to find a place that'll accept a dog -we ALL will be terribly heartbroken if that is the case :'( -except Cole lol. Cole I think is excited I'm excited to hear how his first day went I'm excited. Not hesitant. Not impatient. Just living in the moment -in a good way ;) I get to go get Law from school n…
WOW  we've been busy  uuuhhhhhh Let's see Cole starts his new job tomorrow We've cleaned out the basement  and started packing and looking like MAD for a place to live I have 3 specific criteria to go off of -and they're leading to a dead end 1. Good school 2. rent price 3. 40 mins or less from work since the new company is so willing to help I can move as soon as we find a place -which is good because I dont think our house will sell as easily with us in it I just can't find a place :(  but I'm ok I feel REALLY good about the move, the job, the adventure I even feel good about staying behind for awhile
for any of you creepies looking at this  dont worry I've got my kimber .45  and home defense shot gun to keep me warm  and I promise I'm a better shot than you.... oh and there's this don't let her cuteness deceive you  -she's incredibly vicious when it comes to protecting her family
anyway we will see how things go we had our primary program today  I couldn't hel…
I think we're moving I think Cole got a new job I think it's in Salt Lake  I think Salt Lake is horrible I think I was born and raised there so I think I know what I'm talking about I think we'll live in Lehi instead  I think somewhere close to the freeway I think I'll miss his 2 minute commute I think I'll miss having him home for lunch I think I'll miss my house, no I think I'll miss my 1/2 acre yard I think I'll miss walking out onto the greenest grass ever I think I'll miss my 50'x25' garden with all the veggies I love I think I'll miss my 50' flower bed along the back of the house  I think it's filled with the best GIANT juicy red strawberries I think I'll miss my apple trees the apples are delicious I think I'll miss my raspberry stalks I think I'll miss my grape vine I think I'll miss my ash trees and beautiful bright yellow fall leaves I think Law will miss his teacher, friends, and school I think I a…
My sis-in-law is moving today so we had a few extra kiddos around the house :D We went to the park, had lunch, rode bikes/scooters, and made caramel covered apples!
They waited and WAITED
"are they done yet mom?!"  once they were done they didn't last long ;) We're gonna miss these kiddos!