I dont really have anything to post but I'm on here anyway.
The fact that we're moving has quickly spread around town and people seem sad about it.
Law is growing more and more ok with the fact that we will eventually be leaving
-who knows when?
But I'm feeling totally patient about it -which is VERY unusual for me :) 
I've grown up so much :D lol.
Grey grabs my hand and pulls me to the door EVERYDAY saying
"Come on Mom! Let's move!"
Ashtyn has no clue what's happening and I'm sure she'll be fine with moving 
-missing her Dad however is another story!
Lola will either remain part of our family,
Or get a new one, we can't seem to find a place that'll accept a dog
-we ALL will be terribly heartbroken if that is the case :'(
-except Cole lol.
Cole I think is excited I'm excited to hear how his first day went
I'm excited. Not hesitant. Not impatient. Just living in the moment -in a good way ;)
I get to go get Law from school now.
Here's something to think about this is my favorite family picture
I just wish my others were in it
We need to get family pics done before Law looses his first tooth
that's my goal lol


Breeze Plumb said…
This is such a great picture of you guys! But I fully support new family pics! Can't wait to see them :P
MaRea Hess said…
I don't know where Cole is working. We live in a condo apartment complex off 7000 south. We have really enjoyed it. They do short term leases and you can go month to month after your lease is up. NOt knowing when when or where you buy a house. The elementry school is in the Canyons school district and a great school. The complex is called Springs of country wood. They have a couple pools, hot tubes, tennis court basketball court. Good luck finding a place, it's stressful. Let me know if I can help you out

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