we've been busy 
Let's see Cole starts his new job tomorrow
We've cleaned out the basement 
and started packing
and looking like MAD for a place to live
I have 3 specific criteria to go off of -and they're leading to a dead end
1. Good school
2. rent price
3. 40 mins or less from work
since the new company is so willing to help
I can move as soon as we find a place
-which is good because I dont think our house will sell as easily with us in it
I just can't find a place :(
 but I'm ok I feel REALLY good about the move, the job, the adventure
I even feel good about staying behind for awhile

for any of you creepies looking at this 
dont worry I've got my kimber .45 
and home defense shot gun to keep me warm 
and I promise I'm a better shot than you....
oh and there's this
don't let her cuteness deceive you 
-she's incredibly vicious when it comes to protecting her family

anyway we will see how things go
we had our primary program today 
I couldn't help but cry when my class sang "when I am baptized"
that's like our classes song because I get them the year they get baptized
I've taught that class for 3 years and am going to miss it
Good things are ahead for us -not sure what but I am just sure :)


Jessica Newman said…
You can always transfer into better schools if you don't land in the perfect school zone. I hope you find a great place though!
The Eldredge's said…
Wow wow wow! I hope things go well for you sissy!

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