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Grey baby had his first "show and tell" today! Lucky for me he didn't ask to take a falcon or tiger  he just wanted to take one of his millions of little race cars :) Here's the presentation he came up with...

My kids are the BEST of friends. It's the most wonderful thing I could've ever wanted.

The boys especially love to be together.
They play all day, and even all night sometimes -when Grey can get Law to stay up :)
Law wakes up Grey early in the morning to start their day and Grey talks/sings Law to sleep at night.
So the sun literally rises and sets with the two!
 I'm so happy to have these wonderful little men in my family and in my life. I can't wait for their upcoming adventures and to see where their lives takes them. I hope they'll always remember how much they love each other, and to nurture and cherish their friendship!

On the same note, although Ashtyn is a BIG part of their lives and adventures right along-side them.
I feel sad she wont have a sister, someone to whom she reveals secret crushes, hands down the knowledge and skill of applying makeup or flat ironing/curling hair.
Sisters were and are such an important relationship in my life I'm so glad to…
You know how some people just absolutely sparkle ?? That's Grey.  Grey chooses to be happy -even when its hard, he knows how to lift someone that's down,  and he is wonderful! I love this kid more than words can express.

Yesterday was a crazy day.
The elementary school had Parent Teacher Conference -so no school yesterday or today.
I had a great meeting with Law's teacher and found out he's doing great in class
-I wasn't worried about academically I knew he was a tad bored with the work,
so I was concerned more about him being disruptive.
But he's not, his teacher said he's very helpful, very kind, and always makes sure everyone is included. :D
Then I came home to find our dog was M.I.A. I looked all over before realizing I missed a call at PTC from my neighbor saying she saw the dog catcher pick Lola up! I'm so glad someone saw that because I would've had no clue how to find her! She didn't have her tags on -my bad (they just jingle SO LOUD in the morning and wake everyone up when she shakes) and she's a little too wonderful -and expensive- for Joe-schmo to pick her up from the shelter for 30 bucks!
We made our way over to the city building to pay a fine of $25 -sh…


I want to blog more, so I will. This is coming to you from our frontporch waiting for grey's bus to bring him home, onmy kiddos tablet -that my fingers are too big for so i'm having typo problems, obviously, and no i wont go back and change them! 
 well ashtyn is 2 now so she's out on her own, that's right packed up her valuables and left. Only trouble is she knows she cant go past the front yard  so now I've got a bum living out here                                     -cutest bum i've ever seen.

banana squash crazy!

I LOVE banana squash! It's delicious baked up and smothered in butter, salt, and pepper! My mother-in-law gave us this squash! So today we will be cutting, cooking, eating, and freezing :) -I couldn't be more excited!!! Since this the only squash we were able to grow -really I could eat the whole thing in one sitting, it's that good to me :) Thanks Mom!
I just dont know what to say, where have these past two years gone?? As difficult as she likes to make my life lately I just LOVE this girl! I can't help it!  Ashtyn is the sweetest, happiest, most excited girl in the whole world!  -just over half of the time :) Our pretty little lady has been blessed with a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type personality which has earned her the nickname sweet&sour with her Daddy. She LOVES to sing and dance and just be adorable! When sour comes out she LOVES to scream!  Not like an I'm sad/hurt and crying scream More like an "I'm so mad I'm about ready to blow, scream at the top of my lungs so every dog in town will howl and the police will show up to see what's going on and every inch of my tiny framed body will shake as I tell you just how mad I am!!!" kind of scream :) And then along comes the sweet -back to kissing and hugging and snuggling everyone and everything and just being happy :) I love her and her 'too big fo…

Off to school!

Grey started pre-school and is LOVING IT!! We took a few pics waiting for the bus :)

He has class in the afternoon and Law has class in the morning. People warned me that I wouldn't like having opposite schedules but it's actually been really nice! Grey goes only two days a week,  so those days Law gets his time with Mom -and Ashtyn in the afternoon :) Then Grey gets time with Mom -and Ashtyn in the morning :) Plus they still get to play together all the other times :)  and they LOVE to tell/teach each other what they're doing in school!