Off to school!

Grey started pre-school and is LOVING IT!!
We took a few pics waiting for the bus :)

He has class in the afternoon and Law has class in the morning.
People warned me that I wouldn't like having opposite schedules but it's actually been really nice!
Grey goes only two days a week, 
so those days Law gets his time with Mom -and Ashtyn in the afternoon :)
Then Grey gets time with Mom -and Ashtyn in the morning :)
Plus they still get to play together all the other times :)
 and they LOVE to tell/teach each other what they're doing in school!


Rachael said…
No way is he old enough for preschool, wasn't he just born? He is so cute :). When Gavin started Kindergarten I did afternoon cause KEaton was in afternoon. Well the schedules didn't line up so it was a real pain in my butt. I literally got half an hour off from both of them. That's it! So it would have been better to have a break from each of them for a few hours. Hind sight is always 20/20 :)

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