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Fall Leaves

We have two big willow trees in our front yard and the other day they dumped TONS of leaves on our lawn, so I got out the rake. Law was SSOOO cute and helpful, grabbing handfuls of leaves and shoving them into the bag - did I mention how cute he is?! Towards the end we both decided that playing in them was WAY more fun then cleaning them up!

sick -again

So some of you know that Law has been sick yet again. What started with a cold quickly developed into a horrible case of croupe. Running to and from the hospital for his steroid shots have been EXHAUSTING! However he is doing much much MUCH better now! The other day Law recieved a package from his Great Aunt Michele for Halloween with some fun activities so, while he was really sick and not able to play much, he had some fun relaxing things to do.
Here he is coloring away

One tired and sick boy trying to smile and say cheese

It was so sad! Notice all the drool? His throat was so irritated he wouldn't even swallow poor guy!

Husband Tag

Here's a picture of Cole, isn't he handsome!! I wasn't tagged this but I stole it from my friend Mindy 1. Where did you meet? The very first time we met was in church and my friend George introduced us because I said that Cole was a hottie! 2. How long did you date before you got married? Well, our first date was August 17th 2005 and we got married December 20th 2005 -so it was pretty short! 3. How long have you been married? 3 years in December 4. What is your favorite feature of his? physical feature? oh there's alot! His eyes are gorgeous, his smile just makes me melt, and his booty -well lets just say I REALLY like it! 5. What is your favorite quality of his? He is such a hard worker -which actually is sometimes frustrating but I am so grateful to know that he will do whatever he can to provide for our family, and he always works hard at our relationship. 6. Does he have a nick name for you? He's had a few but I think the ones he uses most often are Baby and nuttier …

Picture Tag

This tag is actually really fun! I was tagged by my sister Maria. Here's what you do; go to your pictures, open the fourth file, select the fourth picture, and post it! Here's mine: This is Cole talking with Law when Law was a couple months old I think its cute! This is so fun I'm tagging EVERYONE!


To the kids and adults of my neighborhood:
STOP RETURNING MY DOG! Yes, we have a dog her name is Roxi (despite my efforts to change it) she is very sweet and playful. I let her out in our front yard -with no fence- to do her business and play, she LOVES to play in OUR yard! Roxi does well to stay in the yard too, and when she crosses the street to sniff at the field she has ALWAYS come back. So please stop chasing her down in her own yard to bring her to the door, I will only be letting her out in a few minutes anyway -she comes to the door and scratches when she wants in. To you the strange man in the car, you know who you are, I watched you stop your car and take MY dog from MY yard and bring her to the door just to tell me she was running away. People I know she's small but she is smart and she likes living here so she will come back on her own. Oh yeah and Gage you can play with her if you want but stop tackling her and bringing her to the door this is the fourth time you'v…

He's Here

Baby Nathanael Jared Mildenstein was born yesterday October 16, 2008. He is 19 inches long and 8lbs 9oz! Quite a little CHUNK!
and so very cute!
CONGRATULATIONS Diana & Aaron!! we love you!

My friend Ray

Rachaelis an AMAZING phototgrapher -even though she refuses to admit it! She is shooting some family pics for us on Friday!! I am so freakin excited!!! I will definitely be posting some so all of you can see how awesome her photography is! Here are just a couple of the adorable pics she snapped of the kids playing around at the zoo last Friday!

drumroll please....

Its Official! We are having a boy!


This is for all y'all in Texas! I thought you might be missing some of the fall colors -remember how Aubria and Emma knew that their birthday was close because the mountains would change colors? -Good times!

little dough boy

For our youth activity a couple weeks ago we got together and made sugar cookies. Law was great at rolling out the counter -anytime we gave him dough to roll he just popped it right into his mouth! We all had a great time!


This was funny because I had read my sister-in-law's blog and her daughter (about six months youger than Law) did this and a couple days later Law did the exact same thing! Law got into the pantry looking for a snack and found my giant bag of chocolate chips and went to town!

Eight Things

8 t.v. shows I love to watch... I dont really watch tv all that much so I cant think of eight but I LOVE to watch the re-runs of The Cosby Show! All of my friends make fun of me and say I'm obsessed with Bill Cosby but seriously I love it!
8 things that happened yesterday... hung out with my new friend Flo, taught my puppy how to sit, went to cornbellies for our combined youth activity and had a BLAST!, a heating company came and shut down our lethal furnace -then over charged us for the visit and quoted us our first born plus 2 arms and a leg to repair the problem, made no-bake cookies, craved, ate , and became addicted to cheap gas station nachos, made some cute fall decor, Cole did the dishes AND put Law to bed! -I love him!
8 things I'm looking forward to... The furnace getting fixed, the puppy being trained, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Cole graduating, my anniversary, getting in the shower and going to BED!
8 people who I'm tagging... I think everyone who reads my blog has …