Fall Leaves

We have two big willow trees in our front yard and the other day they dumped TONS of leaves on our lawn, so I got out the rake. Law was SSOOO cute and helpful, grabbing handfuls of leaves and shoving them into the bag - did I mention how cute he is?! Towards the end we both decided that playing in them was WAY more fun then cleaning them up!


Shalon said…
He is so adorable! He looked awesome in his Dr. costume tonight :)
The Eldredge's said…
How cute!! That looks like so much fun!! He looks like he is having a blast!! I miss you guys!!
Jessica said…
Doctor's costume?? I wanna see!!! Did he look like his Grandpa Newman??

What a fun day in the leaves! Cute picture of MR. Law
Ok he just gets more handsome each time I see him! I love your look on your blog soo cute!
Mom said…
How fun to play in the leaves!!!!

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