Husband Tag

Here's a picture of Cole, isn't he handsome!!
I wasn't tagged this but I stole it from my friend Mindy
1. Where did you meet? The very first time we met was in church and my friend George introduced us because I said that Cole was a hottie!
2. How long did you date before you got married? Well, our first date was August 17th 2005 and we got married December 20th 2005 -so it was pretty short!
3. How long have you been married? 3 years in December
4. What is your favorite feature of his? physical feature? oh there's alot! His eyes are gorgeous, his smile just makes me melt, and his booty -well lets just say I REALLY like it!
5. What is your favorite quality of his? He is such a hard worker -which actually is sometimes frustrating but I am so grateful to know that he will do whatever he can to provide for our family, and he always works hard at our relationship.
6. Does he have a nick name for you? He's had a few but I think the ones he uses most often are Baby and nuttier than squirrel poop -I have no clue why :)
7. What is his favorite color? Yellow followed by blue -his old racing colors.
8. What is his favorite food? ANYTHING home-cooked -that he doesn't have to make, but seriously the only reason he goes out to eat at all is just for me! He loves home-cooked meals!
9. What is his favorite sport? If shooting is a sport I'd definitely say shooting! But he likes to play alot of sports like snowbaording and football.
10. When was your first kiss? I dont remember the date but it was at my sister's house (where I was living at the time) and we were watching National Treasure. We'd just came home from one of his mission reunions and well we kissed! It was nice!
11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We like shooting, snowboarding, and I personally love it after we put Law to bed and spend time together just at home.
12. Do you have children? One wonderful little boy and another little boy on the way!
13. Does he have a hidden talent? TONS! some of which I wont share ;) But he can cook, dance (only with me and in our the kitchen), I love it when he sings to me -although he thinks he's a terrible singer.
14. How old is he? 26
15. Who said I love you first? I did :D
16. What is his favorite type of music? He actually likes alot of different music, but he listens to country the most I think
17. What do you admire most about him? Everything! He's an amazing Dad, he puts his wants second to our families needs, he is great with money, he is SO handy -he can fix anything and EVERYTHING! And much more!
18. Do you think he will read this? Umm... I dont know, I dont think he reads my blog ???
Well, that's it! I tag all of you who are married!


The Eldredge's said…
That is great!! I am totally doing this!!
Jessica said…
How cute! You should make Cole read this. They like to see things about themselves.

You have a great husband, I have a great cousin!!!!
Shalon said…
Aw, so cute! Way to go, Newman.
Mindy said…
So cute Jess! I love how much you love each other! We need to get together and do something.
Mom said…
Wow how fun! I'm glad you're so in love with your husband!! It's fun to see your children grow up and enjoy their families.

Love ya all!

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