To the kids and adults of my neighborhood:
STOP RETURNING MY DOG! Yes, we have a dog her name is Roxi (despite my efforts to change it) she is very sweet and playful. I let her out in our front yard -with no fence- to do her business and play, she LOVES to play in OUR yard! Roxi does well to stay in the yard too, and when she crosses the street to sniff at the field she has ALWAYS come back. So please stop chasing her down in her own yard to bring her to the door, I will only be letting her out in a few minutes anyway -she comes to the door and scratches when she wants in. To you the strange man in the car, you know who you are, I watched you stop your car and take MY dog from MY yard and bring her to the door just to tell me she was running away. People I know she's small but she is smart and she likes living here so she will come back on her own. Oh yeah and Gage you can play with her if you want but stop tackling her and bringing her to the door this is the fourth time you've woken Law up from his nap.
Thank You!


Mom said…
Man, isn't it frustrating to get the baby asleep and have the doorbell ring!!!

Well now that the dog is gone you won't have the problem anymore, lol.

Love ya all!

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