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My parents surprised my brother and I with tickets to Wicked for Christmas :D The day FINALLY came -last night. Since our kiddos are all REALLY sick I was debating whether or not I should go but my sweetie stepped right in and took great care of my babies so I could go. Thanks babe!
We started off with dinner at Coachman's -John still was working so he didn't make dinner.
 seriously we could've been twins -I look so cute in glasses! Dang 20/20 vision!

 I'm sad this one is blurry because it is the BEST picture of my Daddy -his smile gets a little camera shy :) thanks mom and dad for a great night!
Here's the one and only picture I got from our family vacation :( and the picture just doesn't do it justice it was GORGEOUS Hey if anyone has pics of the rest of the trip you wanna share go ahead and email them right over :) the beautiful Teton mountains


Usually we do sort of a "stay-cation" once a year for our own little family trip. This year we did a big trip to Montana :) -or the "homeland" as I like to call it. We were having so much fun I got exactly one picture the whole week -LAME!
We started our trip off Thursday: -we stopped to have Dr. Grandpa do a little surgery on Lola (our dog got shot :( and needed a bullet removed from her leg).
Then headed for Uncle Cory's where Lola would be enjoying the rest of her vacation with her favorite cousin Poncho :)
We dropped the kids off to Aunt Leena to run their hearts out and get nice and exhausted for the long trip ahead while Cole and I got to go to the temple and watch our sweet friends be sealed as a family! It was wonderful to see them go through the temple together and when they brought in the sweet little girl to get sealed to her parents and be a family forever .....well..... there's NO holdin back the tears it was all very beautiful!