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flat = will travel

My cute little niece chose me to help her out with her "Flat Stanley" project this is what I'm thinking Stan would do if he visited SLC what do you think??
skate at the Utah Olympic Oval Hit up the Trax train downtown see the City Creek Mall fountain light show  and give ol St Nick a high five while he's there

Halloween season was great there were cookies to decorate and eat, pumpkins to carve, hairs to cut, and LOTS of candy!

Law ALWAYS thinks carving pumpkins will be SO FUN -but he has such bad texture issues and never enjoys the slimey-ness lol -love that boy!
We went to the city's pumpkin festival -which the kids thought was awesome they participated in the freeze dance competition -kinda :) They got loaded up on all kinds of carnival food and candy lol
We did our ward trunk-or-treat/chili cook-off -no pics :( I won first prize for my bacon, potato, broccoli soup :D  which -not to be cocky- wasn't surprising because it is AMAZING hahaha!

Last night I took the kids out trick-or-treating (also no pics :( ) until they were BEGGING to go home and go to bed! All-in-all it was a great month! Now on to November I can't wait to start pies!!!