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Fashions to DI for!

Today at the DI we have a variety of fashions for all occasions here we see the wedding gown:
complete with overly puffy sleeves and unusually large bows on the back -very chic! Not getting married? Not to worry we also have your everyday freakishly bright colored jeans! The camera simply does not do these eye-blinding shades justice! We also carry the coveted way-to-silky and shiney leopard print jacket -so slimming ladies! And last but not least "hip" wear for every where! Accessories and couch INCLUDED! So come on down and see what other items we have to DI for!!!


Law has found that if you climb on top of things you just might be able to reach things that you're not supposed to! Here he is climbing his carseat (which he pushed to the wall) to reach the lightswitch :) So he's getting brave but he plays it pretty safe here he is preparing to get into things by putting on his safety glasses!

Boys Toys

Auntie Rachael has done it again! No matter how cool the toys are that we buy Law, he doesn't seem too interested in playing with them! Nevertheless his Auntie Ray always finds the perfect thing FIRST: she gives a toy that was a refrigerator magnet with barn animals that made noises and it played songs, NOW: she gives him a hippo this thing is great he can walk with it or ride on it and he LOVES it! And the best thing about it is that his walking skills have already increased a ton -YAY LAW! So thank you Rachael for just knowing what toy every little boy needs!

And then there's the FROG! Law got this frog for his birthday from his friend Brayden (my friend Shalon's 7 month old) and he loves to play with it! He snuggles it and kisses it and I think its just the sweetest thing ever (of course!)

ABC Tag!

A-Attached or Single?- Oh I'm attached alright! :D

B-Best Friend?- Coley-poo

C-Cake or Pie?- hmm.. I love both as for right now I'll take pie!

D-Day of Choice?- every other Friday -Payday!

E-Essential Item?- cellphone -I'm such a girl!

F- Favorite color? red

G-Gummy Bears or Worms?- Worms all the way

H-Hometown?- West Jordan but I claim Orem, Utah

I-Favorite Indulgence?-melted chocolate chips and peanut butter on vanilla icecream-we're poor!

J-January or July? January is my b-day but I'm still taking July (the 4th is my fav!!!)

K-Kids? Lil' Law

L-Life isn't complete without? Cole

M-Marriage Date?- December 20, 2005

N-Number of brothers and sisters? 5 Sisters, 2 Brothers

O-Oranges or Apples?-Oranges, you can put them in/with anything!

P-Phobia and Fears? the dark -ya I said it I'm afraid of the dark, it feels so good to have things out in the open

Q-Quote?- be kind

R-Reason to smile?- life is good

S-Season of choice?- I'm really finding reasons to enjoy all four


Law fell asleep in his high-chair the other day, I know a lot of children do it but it is very unusual for him. So of course I thought it was adorable and had to share it with you!!!

A Look at Law's Day!

When Law wakes up he loves to eat! His favorite food is scrambled eggs and toast -OOHH how he loves toast, everytime he eats it his face says ultimate satisfaction!

He has a hard day of work ahead of him before he can play, you see his current chosen job is a furniture mover! He takes all the kitchen chairs and puts them in new places throughout the house then the barstools, office chair, highchair, etc.

He's so strong!

Fun in the sun!

He loves to play outside...

And inside -especially with Daddy (don't they look alike?)

He loves to drive his truck on our couch I think because it makes tracks

He also likes to eat the truck and just be cute!

He loves to get into things to help make dinner

And then likes to dance while he's eating the dinner
(now when he hears music he says "DADANS!" and starts to dance)

After dinner he likes to brush his teeth

Then its time for bed and you know what that means.....

And more crying -this is my favorite sad face!


Alright now that I'm passed the trauma of Law's accident here are some pics of what I bought! (some things I had already!) so here is the whole layout- my bowls -from Debbie Mildenstein (she always finds the cutest things!) some books I had, a lantern from Jehn, a vase from Gram, and family by TaiPan lanterns from Ikea and some more books I had! Love from Natalie, star by TaiPan, and some twigs from my tree and lastly, my favorite clock by TaiPan, some leaves and twigs, friends by TaiPan, and of course more books I had! So what do y'all think? Thank you Rachael, Justi, and Tashina! Couldn't have done it without ya!

convenient shopping, or baby death trap?

Alright so I had a traumatic "bad mommy" moment yesterday! My friend Rachael and I went shopping and were having a great time, as we were leaving Ikea we walked along the side walk to get to our cars, stopping the shopping carts on the side walk we started to fill our cars with the crap we'd just bought. As I was bending over to put my purse and diaper bag in the car I heard a crash and turned around to find that my cart had rolled off the side walk into the parking lot and flipped over -baby inside! I freaked! I ran over to him, he was bleeding from his mouth and dangling by the seat belt (I always make sure to strap him in good because so many kids fall out onto the hard cement floor of shopping centers). I put him in the car and he fell asleep within 5 mins. which was kinda weird, and there was a yellow/gold sappy discharge coming from his nose. So I called my father-in-law (he's a doc.) he told me to take him to the ER right away so I did. When we got there Law h…

What to blog about?

There has been people saying they want me to update on something -anything! I just haven't found anything of interest I guess, so yes it is true.... I suffer from BLOGGER'S BLOCK! Yes the dreaded blogger's block. You see it's not that I don't have anything to blog about I mean I have a new house, a speedily growing child, a -constantly engaged in something- husband, and of course a life, mind, and thoughts of my own! But it's my lack of creativity and drive that is at fault, I've thought of ways I could show you all my house -but I don't have the drive to clean all of it at once and I don't really want to show you my "lived in" look. Law is growing so big and fast but my creative spurts are few and far between so I haven't figured out a way to show him in a "new light" if you will. So forgive me as I will be waiting for some sort of inspiration to spark and motivate my drive and creative side!