Fashions to DI for!

Today at the DI we have a variety of fashions for all occasions here we see the wedding gown:
complete with overly puffy sleeves and unusually large bows on the back -very chic!
Not getting married? Not to worry we also have your everyday freakishly bright colored jeans! The camera simply does not do these eye-blinding shades justice!
We also carry the coveted way-to-silky and shiney leopard print jacket -so slimming ladies!
And last but not least "hip" wear for every where! Accessories and couch INCLUDED!
So come on down and see what other items we have to DI for!!!


That is awesome!! I love the gold jacket!! That is actually a really good picture of you!! It's so not fair you are wearing a hideous jacket and still look hot!! It looks like you had tons of fun with the girls!!
Jess, the jacket is killer!! Can I borrow sometime??

What a fun YW activity! It looks like you are having fun and bonding with the girls! That is fantabulous!

Love ya sis!
Rachael said…
I have that same jacket. We should coordinate and both wear it some day. That is a super cool young woman activity. We never got to do anything that fun.

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