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Auntie Rachael has done it again! No matter how cool the toys are that we buy Law, he doesn't seem too interested in playing with them! Nevertheless his Auntie Ray always finds the perfect thing FIRST: she gives a toy that was a refrigerator magnet with barn animals that made noises and it played songs, NOW: she gives him a hippo this thing is great he can walk with it or ride on it and he LOVES it! And the best thing about it is that his walking skills have already increased a ton -YAY LAW! So thank you Rachael for just knowing what toy every little boy needs!
And then there's the FROG! Law got this frog for his birthday from his friend Brayden (my friend Shalon's 7 month old) and he loves to play with it! He snuggles it and kisses it and I think its just the sweetest thing ever (of course!)


Cute!! Go Auntie Rae!! It looks like Law has some awesome toys!! I love that bottom pic of him with the frog it is too cute!!
Those hippo toys are really popular with the boys. Bek got one for one of her boys several years ago and I remember he loved it and all of my kiddos wanted to try it out too!

Way to go Rae in being a better aunt than me!!
Rachael said…
I am so glad he likes it! I have so many more toys to pawn off on you HA! He looks adorable pushing it around though. He is almost walking!

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