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Everyone knows I am a huge present peeker -there is rarely a present I open that I don't already know what is! Well it turns out it runs in the blood!

I heard paper tear, then law yell "BOOK!!" -I ran into the other room but I was too late I found him surrounded by wrapping reading the book!
Thanks Nanna and Grandpa -sorry the gift didn't last until Christmas!


It is snowing like crazy at our house today! Everything is COVERED!

Law was really excited about looking at it -touching it is another story however

-not a very good pic, but you get the point -LOTS OF SNOW!!!

Happy Anniversary to US!!

Ok, so Saturday (the 20th) was our anniversary! Cole surprised me Thursday night by saying "Hey why dont I take tomorrow off and we can go to the temple? My mom says she'll watch Law" ok so those of you that know Cole probably know that he NEVER takes a day off! So I of course thought it was a great idea! I hadn't gone to the temple with him FOREVER! So the next day we set off down to his parent's place and dropped Law off. As we were heading back up towards the temple I noticed that he passed the exit -so I just figured he was going to another one- until he passed that one as well! Then I thought "oh he must want to go up to the Salt Lake Temple where we were married, cute!" But he passed that one too! Driving Driving Driving soon I was in unfamiliar territory! "where are we going!?" I finally exploded he just said "On a roadtrip, I know how you love them!" I thought that was so cute! But on the other hand I was a little dissappointe…

potty time?

So Law has decided to be like Cole and "potty train himself". A few days ago Law came to me saying "poop poop" so I asked if he needed a diaper change and he said "no" I checked him just to make sure but there was nothing there. Again he said "poop poop" so I asked "do you need to go potty?" "YEAH!" he yelled excitedly and ran off to my bathroom. So I went ahead and set him on the toilet and he pooped a little but got nervous and wanted to get down. The next day he came and said the same thing, but didn't want anything to do with the toilet, so we bought him a training seat for little bums -which his bum is almost too big for haha! Anyrate he's doing pretty good with it! Who knows how long it will last but I will just enjoy it while I can!


Law loves to help me with the laundry! When I'm separating colors into piles he's busy filling up Cole's dresser drawers with my dirty sweaters and socks -a nice surprise for when I'm finished washing and ready to put clothes away! ;)

He's so cute! I just cant get upset that my chores are never done -thanks to his help- because I know one day when he's grown and gone I will miss the times he'd play in the laundry and hide it, only for me to find it after I'm "finally done"!

Christmas Tag

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Paper all the way!
2. Real tree or Artificial? BOTH, YAY TREES!
3. When do you put up the tree? Usually right after thanksgiving but we still haven't put ours up this year yet Cole always loves to do it as a family but we've all been too busy so hopefully this Friday!
4. When do you take the tree down? hmmm... We dont really have a set date for this one yet but it comes down before my bday in January
5. Do you like eggnog? I had some this year and it brought back some memories but I dont really like the taste.
6. Favorite gift received as a child? I got a box of twinkies once, I was pretty stoked about that! ;)
7. Hardest person to buy for? Cole -because everything he wants is either REALLY expensive or he has it already.
8. Easiest person to buy for? Cole-because if you listen to him throughout the year you know EXACTLY what he wants. If you dont listen he will always be happy with a gun, haha!
9. Do you have a nativity scene? a couple incomplete ones.


Well, I've made it to my third -and final- trimester. As I look back on the past few months it seems like they just FLEW by! So why is it that I feel the next 10 weeks will take forever? I have to admit it is wonderful to be pregnant at this time of year, with so much to look forward to the months pass so quickly. I looked forward to fall and the leaves changing colors, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, snow and Christmas, January has New Year's and my bday, Valentines day next then a couple more weeks and our baby will be here!! I am so excited to have another little boy, I was mostly apprehensive at first but my excitement grows more and more each day. I so look forward to smelling that sweet little newborn head and looking at the dramatic difference in hand size between him and Law (whose hands seem so soft, chubby and little now) I am so excited to think that in a few couple years I will be watching he and Law play together. I cant believe how much my family is growing and cha…


For Thanksgiving we packed up our family along with Cole's parents, Seth (youngest brother), Lindsay (oldest sister) with her family, and headed for Mesa Arizona to Natalie's (Cole's little sister) place! It was great! We had a nice long trip ahead of us so we left early Wednesday morning and got there that night. Thanksgiving was great Aunt Lisa and her family came and ate with us! It was fun to get to see Natalie -she's awesome and her family! We hardly ever get to see her, and Cole had never even seen her house! Cole had a great time he played football Thursday morning, and went shooting on Friday! Law had fun too! Along with all the cousins there were to play with, Natalie has a big playroom with slides and trains and all sorts of fun things -so of course Law was happy! Kooper (Natalie's daughter) is about 5 months younger than Law and they played SSOOO CUTELY together! They'd just follow each other around "talking" and playing it was super cute! …