potty time?

So Law has decided to be like Cole and "potty train himself". A few days ago Law came to me saying "poop poop" so I asked if he needed a diaper change and he said "no" I checked him just to make sure but there was nothing there. Again he said "poop poop" so I asked "do you need to go potty?" "YEAH!" he yelled excitedly and ran off to my bathroom. So I went ahead and set him on the toilet and he pooped a little but got nervous and wanted to get down. The next day he came and said the same thing, but didn't want anything to do with the toilet, so we bought him a training seat for little bums -which his bum is almost too big for haha! Anyrate he's doing pretty good with it! Who knows how long it will last but I will just enjoy it while I can!


The Eldredge's said…
That's awesome!! What a big boy!! I love the little censor!! You are hillarious!! Keep up the good work Law!!
Tashina said…
I still can't believe that! What a lucky mom you are!
Jessica said…
GO LAW!! That would be SUPER sweet if he was all done when the new baby comes!
Hess said…
why to go LAW, you are the smartest kid on the block. Life without changing a dirty bum, at least for a few months!!
That is awesome...way too go...so I can pray Paden starts in 6 months...LOL that's awesome and will be great for when the new baby comes! Still no belly pictures...and do you have a name yet?
Me said…
That's awesome! What a smart little guy!

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