Law loves to help me with the laundry! When I'm separating colors into piles he's busy filling up Cole's dresser drawers with my dirty sweaters and socks -a nice surprise for when I'm finished washing and ready to put clothes away! ;)
He's so cute! I just cant get upset that my chores are never done -thanks to his help- because I know one day when he's grown and gone I will miss the times he'd play in the laundry and hide it, only for me to find it after I'm "finally done"!


The Eldredge's said…
That is great!! He is such a smart boy!! I love him and miss him so much!! I can't believe how long his hair is getting!! I think it might be longer than Kennadee's now!!
That's so cute...Paden likes to just dump out everything I have folded or put in the me crazy but they are always so cute when they do it...I'll count my blessings he isn't hiding them...LOL Still no belly picture??

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