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I don't actually have anything to write, I don't even have any cute/cool pics to post.
Well I do they're just on my phone.
Now that I've joined this century and got an iphone I never see my camera.
Anyway the adapter to upload the pics to the computer is in the other room and I'm simply too lazy to get up and get it :)
But I feel like I should maybe write something on here -every now and again.
Maybe even get a new blog and start fresh?? This one needs a face lift.
We've moved to Missouri -the St. Louis area- and there is SO much to do here!
We've been to a number of farms, we've been to the AMAZING zoo, there's the gateway arch, the city museum, the magic house, the children's museum, a different historic site on every corner, blues games, rams games, cardinals games, the list is seriously NEVER ENDING!
I haven't even scratched the tip of  the scenic St. Louis iceberg!
Anyway when I feel less lazy I'll show some pics ;)

well most of you know that we've moved and -holy cow- when I can wrap my brain around it, I just might post about it :)  -but for now, look at these hilarious pics of my "Newman girls' date" to Lagoon.  I wish ALL the girls could have made it! It was so fun to have Natalie, Jessica the 3rd, and Mom  -it would've been EVEN BETTER if Carrie, Jessica the 1st, and Lindsay came too!  It was so funny Mom decided what all of us should be, "I want to be the QUEEN! She will be an injun and those two can be outlaws" lol She cracks me up! It was pretty fun! Although I probably need to start watching my back  -Jess and Natalie look WAY TOO HAPPY to be shooting me ...hmm?

back from the dead....kinda

Here's a photo overload to show what we've been up to the last couple months **being awesome **being cute -I like her NewYork girl on the train look **baking AND being cute -we're multi-taskers around here  **Having a Timeout :)  **being funny  **sleeping fake sleeping??  **growing up and looking like Daddy -I took 3 of these shots, closed eyes in every one  **seeing Santa in Idaho

 **discovering our crafty-ness  **being snuggly  **being creative  **creating happy Holidays :)  **being Michael Phelps -sans pot (without marijuana lol) Grey totally stole this swim shirt from his cousin who left it here last summer -I really intend on returning it just so you know Breeze :) speaking of Michael Phelps: red ribbon week :) **being missionaries

 and saying goodbye to the ADORABLE Sis