well most of you know that we've moved and -holy cow- when I can wrap my brain around it, I just might post about it :) 
-but for now, look at these hilarious pics of my "Newman girls' date" to Lagoon.
 I wish ALL the girls could have made it! It was so fun to have Natalie, Jessica the 3rd, and Mom 
-it would've been EVEN BETTER if Carrie, Jessica the 1st, and Lindsay came too! 
It was so funny Mom decided what all of us should be, "I want to be the QUEEN! She will be an injun and those two can be outlaws" lol She cracks me up! It was pretty fun!
Although I probably need to start watching my back 
-Jess and Natalie look WAY TOO HAPPY to be shooting me ...hmm?


Where did you move to?
The Eldredge's said…
Bahahahaha!! You make a great Injun!! That is so fun!!!

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