I don't actually have anything to write, I don't even have any cute/cool pics to post.
Well I do they're just on my phone.
Now that I've joined this century and got an iphone I never see my camera.
Anyway the adapter to upload the pics to the computer is in the other room and I'm simply too lazy to get up and get it :)
But I feel like I should maybe write something on here -every now and again.
Maybe even get a new blog and start fresh?? This one needs a face lift.
We've moved to Missouri -the St. Louis area- and there is SO much to do here!
We've been to a number of farms, we've been to the AMAZING zoo, there's the gateway arch, the city museum, the magic house, the children's museum, a different historic site on every corner, blues games, rams games, cardinals games, the list is seriously NEVER ENDING!
I haven't even scratched the tip of  the scenic St. Louis iceberg!
Anyway when I feel less lazy I'll show some pics ;)


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