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Nanna was amazing, always sweet and kind.  I was a terribly rowdy child and when I would be getting into too much trouble Nanna would take me on her lap and sweetly say "now Jessica I don't need to be cross with you, I don't want to be a cross Nanna...." Then there'd be follow up with something like "you should get along or be kind to your brothers" or "listen to your mum and dad" but always as sweet as honey! Never EVER a hint or irritation in her voice. How did she do that?? Always before leaving back to Montana she'd tell me if I ever had any troubles and needed to talk to someone that there is a little Nanna in my pocket and I could just take her out any old time and tell her what was on my mind.  As an adopted and skeptical child, I worried I wouldn't be loved as much as the "born in" kids but those worries were put to rest right away as Nanna showed me so much love and I knew right away she was just as much MY Nanna as any…