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Happy Halloween

We had a great time celebrating Halloween all week! we carved a pumpkin each day we had a cookie decorating party friday with a bunch of friends it was so fun! We had 3 little pirates! Law and Ashtyn waiting to go trick or treating on Saturday Our little pirate princess two cute sloppy pirates enjoying their loot! We hope all of you had a great time too!

previous halloweens

a baby pumpkin a doctor -he was sick that day sad :( a baby scarecrow and a little skunk
and this year......


Ashtyn Liberty Newman 5lbs 15oz and 19inches. She has made such an amazing impression on every member of our family! We all love her so much.

Where Have We Been?

Wow! I haven't updated since MAY! And SO much has happened since then! We moved from our beautiful home in Eagle Mountain; leaving a good job, a great ward, and amazing friends for a new adventure! Cole is working as an engineer for a firearms business and he loves it! It's really a dream job for him :) I'm so proud of him in all that he's doing he's learned and accelerated so fast and is doing an amazing job! Our new ward is great everyone is so nice and we've made many friends. We're in a new house which is wonderful -I'm excited to get the yard done in the spring :) we've also had the chance to welcome a new little member of our family into the world -I'll give a better update about that one soon :)