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Yesterday was so much longer than planned getting up @ 3:30 to irrigate, then fitting in a workout, and all the little people involved in my motherhood made for a very long day. Then as I was getting those little people to bed and really considering 7:30 to be a great bedtime for myself, a surprise came! My friend Jessica -funny huh there are so many of us- came to kidnap me for a Blackhawk concert! It was super fun -I look SUPER tired :P They got S.U.P.E.R. old in the last 10 yrs But they still sounded as great as they did 20yrs ago! -even if their jowls were a little distracting :) Getting old is a glorious thing! -keeping a youthful heart at the same time priceless!
OH that garden!
I suck at keeping anything -or anyone for that matter- "up to date" I go to the garden regularly and am always coming home with TONS of produce But do I keep YOU in the loop and let you know about it and help you step-by-step to create and maintain your own back yard produce aisle?? No. No I don't. I was up @ 3:30 this morning out to do the irrigation  -I didn't take these pics then because it was dark   duh. But I had to go back a few hours ago to switch gates and what-not yaddy yadda ANYWAY I snapped a few REALLY sloppy bad pics while I was out in the mud :P
Here's an incomplete pic of what I gathered a couple days ago -after giving away 2/3 of it, and still not even putting all I had in the pic Here's the garden today  really awful onion pic  green beans  cucumbers  corn  crazy weird tomato pic  zucchini  potatoes  red beets -the gold ones are gone, they were good :)  straightneck yellow squash  a whole boat load of peppers  tomatillos I o…
This week we had my cousin Breeze and her 4 cute kids come down from Montana to stay with us! It was WONDERFUL!! I love Breeze and also wanted to steal her children lol  j/k on the stealing part Breeze ;) It was tons of fun! We went to the beach a couple days -obviously not as good as the real deal but it made our kids pretty happy

 I know that's a lot of Ash pics but she was just being so cute!  She's a water baby for sure :)  We had movie nights hung around the house And visited the zoo! from left to right: Matthew (5), Grey (4), Charlie (2), Law (6), Noah (4), Madilyn (8), and Ashtyn (2) We had our hands full, but it was a great success -not one got lost! :)

Breeze and I also had a chance to party it up at my friend's bachelorette party we went to The Cheesecake Factory and then did some dancing after All-in-all it was a great trip I love getting together with my Montana family I hardly EVER get to see them!