This week we had my cousin Breeze and her 4 cute kids come down from Montana to stay with us!
It was WONDERFUL!! I love Breeze and also wanted to steal her children lol 
j/k on the stealing part Breeze ;)
It was tons of fun!
We went to the beach a couple days -obviously not as good as the real deal
but it made our kids pretty happy

 I know that's a lot of Ash pics but she was just being so cute! 
She's a water baby for sure :)
 We had movie nights
hung around the house
And visited the zoo!
from left to right:
Matthew (5), Grey (4), Charlie (2), Law (6), Noah (4), Madilyn (8), and Ashtyn (2)
We had our hands full, but it was a great success -not one got lost! :)

Breeze and I also had a chance to party it up at my friend's bachelorette party
we went to The Cheesecake Factory and then did some dancing after
All-in-all it was a great trip
I love getting together with my Montana family I hardly EVER get to see them!


The Eldredge's said…
How fun! I wish I could have gotten to see Breeze!! Maybe next time!
Breeze Plumb said…
It was so much fun and thanks so much for having us! You forgot the part about you making laugh hysterically the whole week long. We all can't wait to come back
Breeze Plumb said…
ooops I forgot to say, make ME laugh hysterically, you are such a fun host

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