OH that garden!

I suck at keeping anything -or anyone for that matter- "up to date"
I go to the garden regularly and am always coming home with TONS of produce
But do I keep YOU in the loop and let you know about it and help you step-by-step
to create and maintain your own back yard produce aisle??
No. No I don't.
I was up @ 3:30 this morning out to do the irrigation 
-I didn't take these pics then because it was dark   duh.
But I had to go back a few hours ago to switch gates and what-not yaddy yadda
I snapped a few REALLY sloppy bad pics while I was out in the mud :P

Here's an incomplete pic of what I gathered a couple days ago
-after giving away 2/3 of it, and still not even putting all I had in the pic
Here's the garden today
 really awful onion pic
 green beans
 crazy weird tomato pic
 red beets -the gold ones are gone, they were good :)
 straightneck yellow squash
 a whole boat load of peppers
I only got pics of what I could see around the edges 
-I was done getting dirty for the day and trying to avoid the mud :P


The Eldredge's said…
Wow that's amazing!!! You have such a great garden!! It all looks so tasty!! I hope we get at least some stuff out of our garden!
Cybil Scott said…
That is an awesome garden. One day, I want to have a garden like that.
What a wonderful garden, I bet you miss it this year :-)

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