I REALLY don't like it when.....

A few months ago I was in Walmart :P with three VERY small children.
Law was being a very happy playful self -which is rare so I REALLY enjoy these moments.
Not bothering anyone or anything just being happy, laughing, and playing 
when an old man came around the corner and SH'd him harshly it caught him off guard he was scared and sad.
I didn't do anything -not because I agreed with the man that he needed to 'SSHHH!!'
but because I just didn't know what to do!
I have regretted not saying something to that man ever since.
We are a loud family and Law does have a big voice but he didn't need to do that it was rude and uncalled for.
Today I visited that same Walmart for the first time since then and my boys were running around the cart as I was checking out -just being happy, not being destructive at all -and believe me I'd be the first to admit if they were being too rowdy -it's not uncommon. However this time, like the last, they were just being happy racing between the cart and the little checkout fridge.
When an older man -an employee came up and scolded them each with a firm "don't touch that!" -meaning the fridge scaring them.
I finished checking out then went up to him with a smile, he smiled back, then I said, "I'm not meaning to be disrespectful and I thank you to let me or my children know if they are doing something inappropriate however I'd greatly appreciate it if you used a 'please' next time."
Demeaning as it may sound if he feels it appropriate to reprimand my children where I don't see fit, I feel it's appropriate to remind him to use his manners as he does so.
Nevertheless his smile faded quickly into a sarcastic smirk eyes rolling and looking away.
Do you know how hard it is to take 3 kids under 5 to the store for a couple hours to get grocery shopping done? When they're sincerely good I FULLY love it and think of it as a miracle! 
My children have great manners and we do our best to reinforce that by using please, thank you, excuse me, etc with them on a regular, daily basis. 
They are expected to use their manners, so we treat them with the same respect.
I don't want them thinking that I would let them be attacked and feel scared when they feel they aren't -and weren't- doing anything wrong. 
I was as positive and polite as I could possibly be.
Was I in the wrong is there a better way to manage this situation?
If you have some advice I would LOVE to hear it I want HONEST feed back!


MaRea Hess said…
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MaRea Hess said…
I give back really snide comments under my breath, I think it's fun. I Would say something like, "Boys don't you love that fridge it pretty cool" then smile and piss off the person who was trying to push their expectations on me and my kids.
Jessica Newman said…
I think this type of thing happens all of the time. Try not to take these comments personally or let them ruin your experience. I do hate that it made Law feel bad but I really think the best thing to do in these situations is just to smile and move on. Give Law lots of extra love and praise for his happy behavior afterward. I don't think any sort of comeback is needed.
Rochelle said…
I'm one of those that hates confrontation so I would have said nothing and been pissed about it and replaying what I should have said for days...so I say good for you. Your job is to raise your kids to be respectful and also for them to they are safe with there mom. I think you were justified.
JBandJess said…
I can see it all, Miss Jess talkin her talk with her finger and her head shakin side to side. Ha you probably werent like that. but for sure! They are your kids, unless your scolding and beating them. It shouldn't be any ones business what your kids are doing (although it may be inconvenient for them) Go for it! By the way, miss you! :)
Rachael said…
We have this happen from time to time. I always want to say something but I don't want my kids to think its okay to be rude to authority figures. If they were in the wrong, I make sure they respect what the person has said, regardless of the tone it was said in. If someone is going out of their way to be jerks and my kids haven't done anything, I make sure to tell management on the way out. I think you did the right thing. Although I would have said A LOT more :)
Brandy_Webb said…
first off i miss you...and wish i had you here, your house is so empty STILL..... old people have no patience for kids. i have learned that, you did the right thing jess. you were alot nicer than i would of been..
Cybil Scott said…
Hey J, I think your a wonderful Momma, and don't let others tell you other wise. Just do your best, and ignore the unknowing, stupid comments of others. Either they don't have children of their own, or they don't realize that every single child and family is DIFFERENT. No one is perfect, and neither are they. :) By the way, my Mom said you think I'm probably tired of seeing your comments on my blog, but I'm not, thank you! Your one of the only few who do, so no worries. :)

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