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oh so blessed!

Wow well I just had this huge post of how blessed we have been this month and how grateful I feel -then realized that's just more for my own personal journal so I deleted it and wrote it down instead -BUT- let it be known that miracles happen, God is aware of you And loves you very much! and I am so grateful for the things he blesses our little family with everyday!

my bday

I had a great birthday and was totally spoiled! Cole bought me flowers -gerber daisies my fav! and a bday cake and we went out to lunch I got some cute shirts and an AWESOME train bday cake from mom and dad (Rod and LeAnn)-decorated by dad himself :) I got Despicable Me -which I LOVE and have been wanting! from mom and dad (Pete and CaraLee) and a beautiful pearl necklace and bday party and dinner -complete with cupcakes ;) from mom dad and gram (Mike, Jina and Gram) All in all a great bday month! :) A lot of cake :) and a lot of love! thanks everyone for such a great bday!

my cute kiddos!

OH HOW I LOVE MY CHILDREN! they're the best! and the most fun! Law has the imagination of 5,000 kids! He's something new everyday whether its an animal or a person from a movie or ANYTHING! The other day in nursery the teacher asked everyone to say their name and their favorite animal Law said "my name is hiccup and I like my pet dragon!" in his mind the world has endless possibilities! Law will turn 4 this year, he is getting so old and remembers EVERYTHING -so watch out! He loves to sing and play games like; hide and seek, duck duck goose, uno, and don't break the ice! He prays so well and loves to 'read' scriptures a couple nights ago we sat down for scriptures and he said "I want to read first" He opened his book of mormon and said "once upon a time, it came to pass there was lehi -he's good, and king noah -HE'S BAD! there was Alma and he has a dad named Alma too!..." I was totally shocked I can't believe he remembered so …

ward pageant

Did I mention we played Mary & Joseph for our ward pageant/party -oh and Ashtyn played baby Jesus :) It was great! -sorry about the tiny pics this is how they were emailed to me


We all had a great Christmas and the boys loved their gifts here's a small, poor quality video of one thing they got -but you get the point :) And little Ashtyn all cute and Christmas-y

Christmas Eve

We had a good Christmas eve and Christmas. We had a little party with finger foods and a movie, they also got to open a few presents Christmas eve and we read about the birth of Christ in the bible it was SO fun to just have our own little family with our own little traditions! -big bro and baby sis hanging out night before Christmas


We had an AMAZING little Thanksgiving it was the 2nd year we've done all by ourselves. The food was GREAT! -thanks to your's truly;) and actually Cole did the turkey -deep fried to perfection! I wish I got a picture of it Cole is SO AWESOME! and of course I made pies because I LOVE TO! -here's a cute one of Grey enjoying fluffy chocolate cream cheese pie :D

update time!

Just before Thanksgiving it finally snowed here and the boys were SO excited to get out there and play! -And ever since they've decided that snow is not really their thing :( I think they'll get over it Law used to LOVE playing in the snow now they just complain about being to cold -I actually have to bribe them with hot cocoa just to come out with me for a few minutes!