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Place yer bets!

So what do you think? Boy or Girl? everyone cast your vote :) -Law is going with girl, just incase he sways anyone lol!

So funny! -well at least to me!

Yesterday the boys and I went on a little adventure and part of it was going to Smith's just to look around and find a sweet snack at the bakery. Law found a spider-man cupcake that he REALLY wanted. I didn't think much about our little trip, that is, until this morning when Law came in and asked to have spider cake at Joseph Smith's house LOL! It is so hilarious to me that I told him we were at Smith's and he put that together with Joseph Smith -his little boy mind is SO CUTE!


I HATE waiting I'm not patient AT ALL!!! I think it's a lesson someone upstairs is trying to teach me right now because not only am I pregnant and feeling so impatient with how slow it seems to be going! I'm feeling impatient with my kids due to their sudden spurt of destructive messiness. I also am waiting for someone to come see my house -please if you buyers are out there PLEASE come see my house! Its kinda clean at the moment- I am waiting to find out if our offer on the other house was accepted (which we find out today yet it STILL seems to be taking FOREVER!). Like I said I just hate waiting and really dont love this feeling of being in between places I just want things to be settled again!