Place yer bets!

So what do you think? Boy or Girl? everyone cast your vote :) -Law is going with girl, just incase he sways anyone lol!


Rochelle said…
Totally - it's Little Rochelle! I can't wait for you to find out!
I will go with boy, just to be far only me and ty have broken the same sex rule. you are battling tradition:) lol. if it is a girl she will be lucky, if it is a boy...well you just need to start a basketball team:)
JBandJess said…
It will be a girl! Don't know why but one of us needs to have one, so its up to you and rachel. When do you find out?
Rod said…
grandma newman says BOY! When you have a great mold just keep going. LeAnn
Mom said…
I say boy, because of your track record, but either way I am so excited!

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