I HATE waiting I'm not patient AT ALL!!! I think it's a lesson someone upstairs is trying to teach me right now because not only am I pregnant and feeling so impatient with how slow it seems to be going! I'm feeling impatient with my kids due to their sudden spurt of destructive messiness. I also am waiting for someone to come see my house -please if you buyers are out there PLEASE come see my house! Its kinda clean at the moment- I am waiting to find out if our offer on the other house was accepted (which we find out today yet it STILL seems to be taking FOREVER!). Like I said I just hate waiting and really dont love this feeling of being in between places I just want things to be settled again!


Jessica Newman said…
You're Tellin' me! I can't wait to be done and settled. It may take a while yet, but we are looking forward to it. And until then...I can dream!

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