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Wow I still have a blog?? That's crazy!
Life in the Newman household is quiet -for now.
There's always laundry, dishes, and homework to do
 bellies to feed, callings to serve in, and faces to kiss.
It's a good life.
I'm so "nervocited" for our upcoming adventures.
When this school year comes to a close
We will begin our new adventure with homeschooling.
I'm not sure whether to call it homeschooling or roam schooling
 since it will enable us to travel as a whole family,
I'm excited for the opportunities my children will be able to have.
We're going to Europe for a month while Cole works.
We'll be staying mostly in Belgium
 but will be taking fun day/weekend/week long trips
to places like Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, the U.K., and Ireland.
It's so crazy to think this'll be the first time I've left the continental US and
hadn't even owned a passport -yet all of my children are getting to do it too!
The passports and ticket…